Project Description



Germany during the Second World War: In the small town Villingen the young German girl Anna falls in love with the Pole Marian Lewicki who has been sentenced to hard labor – a relationship which can only exist secretly. The threat to be discovered grows with their love and the inevitable happens: Marian gets arrested and Anna is deported to a concentration camp.

Many years later, Anna looks back and asks herself: What have the people learned from the past?

Produced in cooperation with the Literaturwerkstatt of the Gymnasium am Hoptbühl, Villingen-Schwenningen (Leadership: Hartmut Danneck).


Production Company: AF-Film

With Artur Lebedew, Ramona Doser, Daniel Schulz, Ingrid Hildebrandt, Frank Kayan, Leslie Ade, Jörg Wenzler, Ulrike Merkle, u.v.m.

Adrian Copitzky – Writer, Director & DoP
Felix Faißt – Producer, Co-Director, DoP, Music & Editor
Frank Kayan – Co-Director

Written by Larissa Disch, Paddy Kaarow, Lena Krächan, Kerstin Schlote, Melanie Neininger, lkem Sakar, Christian Landsmann & Artur Lebedew


Jugendfilmpreis Filmschau Baden-Württemberg – Leading price