Project Description


DYSTOPIA is a new kind of user-generated cinema. Core decisions were made by a community and a professional team of filmmakers shot the film.
John (Andy Gätchen) tries to save the life of his wife Ava (Luka Omoto) and transfers her consciousness into cyberspace. But his first attempt to join her fails and a dangerous artifical intelligence is created.
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Production Company: Av Medien Penrose GmbH, Penrose Film
Co-Producer: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Andy Gätjen – John
Nora Huetz – Marie
Luka Omoto – Ava

Martin Katic & Pascal Nothdurft – Producer & Creator
Felix Eisele, Katja Siegel, Julia Kleinhenz & Bernhard Steegmann – Producer
Theresa Steffens – Assoc. Producer
Felix Faißt – Line Producer
Mark Szilagyi – Co-Producer
Markus Ständer & Jürgen Rennecke – Story
Tobias Haase – Director
Frederick Gomoll – DoP
Janina Schimmelbauer & Jonathan Behr – Production Design
Frank Bohn – Costume Design
Janis Aschberger – Design


GENRENALE 2016 – Official Selection