Project Description


During his first shift on the ambulance the young paramedic Ben makes several small mistakes.  He begins to doubt himself more and more. When he is called to an emergency shortly before his shift ends, a young woman’s life is hanging in the balance.


Production Company: AF-Film

Matti Lohmann – Ben
Andreas Külzer – Iceman
Florian Berwig – Clemens
Franziska Rieck – Notärztin

Adrian Copitzky – Director
Frank Kayan – Writer
Felix Faißt – Producer
David Finn – DoP
Claudia Schäfer – Makeup artist
Moritz Laux – Music
Adrian Copitzky – Editing
Jonas Heinemeyer & Simon Rescigno – Sounddesign & Mixing


Trailer online

The trailer of my latest AF-Film project "End of Shift" (directed by Adrian Copitzky) is finally online.