Project Description


There are many ways to communicate with our fellow people – but nobody knows for sure what communication actually is.
Björn Abel tries to call his ex-girlfriend. But she doesn’t answer. The message is clear to him. Henceforth, he doesn’t answer any calls anymore – his friends are used to this behaviour. Yet they try every once in a while to reach him – after all, he has to pick up his son from kindergarten, party with his buddy Stefan and pay the rent.
But Björn does not respond – neither to calls, e-mails, chat requests or even letters. His family and friends start to give him up. But what no one realizes is that Björn has been dead all this time.


Production Company: AF-Film

Thomas Odenthal – Björn
Doris Schefer – Miriam
Pietro Marion – Jonas

Adrian Copitzky – Director & Editing
Felix Faißt – Producer
Frank Kayan – DoP
Nicole Durovic – Make Up
Stephan Radom – Sounddesign


Goldene Diana 2012 – Silver
The Seoul World Short Film Festival
– Silver
International Filmfestival Weisse Nächte
– Ehrendiplom
9. International Festival of non-professional Film Makers
– 2nd Prize
40. Festival der Nationen
– Ebenseer Bär (Bronze)
British International Amateur Film Festival
– Five Stars Award
World Film Festival UNICA
– Silver & Best Jeunesse
Amano Filmfest
– 2nd Prize
69. Deutsche Filmfestspiele
– BDFA-Filmpreis
Bundesfilmfestival Spielfilm
– Silver
– Silver & Promotion prize
– Silver
Cineslam 2010
– Winner
Schwenninger Kurzfilmfestival 2012
Klauser Filmnacht 2012
Up-And-Coming Festival 2011
OderKurz-Filmspektakel 2011
REC Internationales Junges Filmfestival 2011
10th International Kansk Video Festival 2011
Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2011
18. Open Eyes
Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing 2011
Internationales Medienfestival Villingen 2011
Emotion Filmfest 2011
Kurzfilmfestival KuFiFe 2011
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2010
Kurzfilmfestival Oberschönweide 2010