/Short film


SYNOPSIS: A special task force of the Resistance goes after a prophecy: A young woman called Pandora has supernatural forces which could decide the world’s fate. But the soldiers realize quickly that they are not alone. Matt and Sheman suffer first losses, but finally discover Pandora. But do they pursue [...]


SYNOPSIS: DYSTOPIA is a new kind of user-generated cinema. Core decisions were made by a community and a professional team of filmmakers shot the film. John (Andy Gätchen) tries to save the life of his wife Ava (Luka Omoto) and transfers her consciousness into cyberspace. But his first attempt to join [...]


SYNOPSIS: There are many ways to communicate with our fellow people - but nobody knows for sure what communication actually is. Björn Abel tries to call his ex-girlfriend. But she doesn't answer. The message is clear to him. Henceforth, he doesn't answer any calls anymore - his friends are used to [...]